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Diseño Web, UI/UX

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Facts & Fictions


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Diseño gráfico - UI/UX

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Diseño gráfico

Microstudio has worked with Wuaki.tv at launch for different devices, as well as their principal new movie releases and promotional pieces.

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Only apartments

Reponsive landing page

Only-apartments specialises in apartment rentals for short and medium stays. Microstudio has designed a responsive landing page to promote short holiday periods.

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  • archy-micro


Diseño UI/UX

Archy is an app for OS X that let you share and admin your Google Drive files with easy. The collaboration with Archy had different stages: sketching, documentation and interface design, made for the first private beta.

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Branding, diseño UI

Smetool is a pack of management tools for small businesses. Based on the platform eyeOS, we have created a new branding and redesigned the interface to adapt to the new features.

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  • eyeOS-micro


Diseño UI

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eyeOS is a web desktop following the cloud computing concept that seeks to enable collaboration and communication among users. It is a private-cloud application platform with a web-based desktop interface. The project has been designing and documentción for the new version of the platform.

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Open FN

Diseño UI

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Open Financial Network is a project to adapt the eyeOS platform to suite of tools and services for administration and finance.

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Diseño UI/UX

Modesound is a company specializing in advanced acoustic technologies and production of professional speakers. We worked with your technical team to create a new design of its software DPS (Digital Signal Processor) and get a tool with more configuration options for real-time audio processing.

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Diseño web. Template exclusivo wordpress

Microestudio has developed the website of Aggtelek art project in collaboration with ferran ElOtro Studio. The website is made with WordPress and uses a template created especially for the requirements of the project content and design proposal.

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Wuaki.tv LG

Diseño UI para app (Video on demand) de Smart TV

The first collaboration of Microestudio with Wuaki.tv was the interface design for LG Smart TV, these were the first TV with Wuaki app. The following projects were the designs and adaptations for Samsung, Philips and Panasonic according to the screen resolution of each model TV.